Finished Samples

8-eckiger Hubzapfen für Vespa

NSU crankcase

Reinforced and improved crankcase for NSU Max.

Überströmer Layout 1

Port design

Exhaust ports around the studs to comply the regulations.

Ariel Nockenwellen

Ariel camshafts

Special camshafts fitting to roller rockers.

Rudgemotor komplette Neukonstruktion

Engine for Rudge. Complete new designed !

Reinforced and modern engine with a poweroutput up to 55 hp and looking like an original one.

Rudge Schlepphebel und Nocke

Rudge rollerrockers and camshaft belonging to it

Puch SGS Sportkurbelwelle

Sprockets to drive a magneto

We are able to machine sprockets in all type pitches and numbers of teeth.

Überströmer Layout 2

"AMAL-TT" carburettor 38 mm

Combination of cnc-millled casing and a Mikuni VM 38 carb. 

Rudge Getriebe nadelgelagert

Rudge gearbox with needlebearings

Reinforced and with oilseals for the Rudge 500.

Steuerdeckel BMW 328

Timingcover BMW 328

Special casing for a historic race car with magneto.

Kurbelwelle Kawasaki A1R

Crankshaft Kawasaki A1R

Improved crankshaft with "Hoeckle" design and to run with conrods of a modern MX-bike.

Rudge Zylinderkopf Eigenbau 1

Rudge head, completely new designed

Modern combustion chamber and valve angle for a historic engine. Enormous impovement of power output !

Suzuki RG 500 Getriebe für Trockenkupplung

Suzuki RG 500 gearbox for dryclutch

Rudge Pleuel

Conrod and flywheels for a race engine

Rudge Ruckdämpfer

Rudge torsion damper

Rudge Zylinderkopf Eigenbau 2

Rockers for Brough 80 SS

Rudge Schaltkulisse

Selector drum

Amal TT 38mm Eigenbau

Honda NX5 and NXA inner crankweb

Needed all over the world: Honda doesn't deliver the crankshafts for the RS250R any more.


Clutchcenter to be used with modern plates

Arielmotor komplette Neukonstruktion

Engine for Ariel. Complete new designed !

Kawasaki A1R Primär

Primary drive gears in leightweight design

Ariel Kurbelwelle

Honda NX5 crankshaft

Complete overhaul with new inner crankweb, new bearings and new con rods.