Our Skills


Using modern computer aided design methods your idea is brought into a technically executable design.


It does not matter whether it is an single item or a whole engine or something else.


Even as a layman you understand the design, because it is represented in 3D and you do not need to read drawings.


For critical components, we can perform a strength calculation - to make you sure that you get a guaranteed reliable product.


The programming of the CNC machines is derived directly from the design on the PC. Sometimes it is not necessary to create conventional "real" drawings. 


Our machinery includes the following processing options:

  • CNC-turning
  • CNC-milling
  • Reaming, broaching
  • Cylindrical grinding (inside and outside)
  • Surface grinding
  • Multi axis grinding
  • Grinding by copying of samples
  • Honing
  • Gearhobbing (tools for Rudge, too !)
  • Blasting for surface finishing (by sand or glass)

Difficult components can be cast by the rapid prototyping method of partner companies.

We leave heattreatment to professionals. Our parts will get heattreated in an ISO-certified hardening shop. You will receive a test report for heat treatment.

Special calculations

We have different special softwares which allow us to solve the following tasks:


Cam calculation for different followers (tappets, roller, rockers, rocker arms)


We can do a mass calculation to find the center of gravity. This makes it possible to balance the crankshaft before machining it. Of course we can balance crankshafts afterwards, too.


You want to know whether a component is adequately dimensioned or where you can save weight? No problem: We perform a calculation by this.

2-stroke engines

Not the "timing" is critical, but the port dimensions of 2-stroke engines: We can calculate the right cross-sections of the ports for you. We charge for a wide range of cross sections.

Gearing (on gears)

We calculate the gearing data including strengths for your gears! Of course, we will find the right material, too.

Gearing (on shafts)

We also calculate the teeth of shafts:

~ Grooved shafts

~ Splines

~ Etc.

CNC- Programming

The CNC programs for milling are created directly on the PC.


The results of our work can be documented quickly and easily on a modern Amerschläger P4-engine test bench. The engine will not be stressed very long to avoid breakdowns.


In addition to power and torque, the mixture composition (air-fuel-ratio) can be measured.


Click on one of the following performance curves of the engines optimized on our test bench by us.


Here are just some examples of our repair work:

  • Repair of crankshafts with roller bearings
  • Straightening of conrods
  • Manufacturing of crank pins
  • Manufacturing of shafts
  • Manufacturing of connecting rods
  • Balancing of built crankshafts
  • Cylinder coating including repair of damages (welding)
  • Manufacturing of missing casing parts
  • Manufacturing of gears
  • Manufacturing of sprockets
  • Manufacturing of inserts and bushes

Repair of a crankshaft

Crankshaft of a twin before assembling
Crankshaft of a twin before assembling

Manufacturing of a crankpin

Puch 350 Hubzapfen
Puch 350: On the left the old part, right the new one

Manufacturing of a shaft

Puch 350 Kurbelwellenzapfen
Puch 350 drive shaft